Chairman’s Speech

“The pioneer of FCVA Vacuum Coating Technology”

Nanofilm’s Headquarters is located in Singapore (NTI) with two subsidiaries in Shanghai, People's Republic of China (NVC and NRET) and one in Tokyo Japan (NTJL). There are currently 1200 employees.

As an advanced Vacuum Coating Technology Company, Nanofilm is currently involved in a wide range of industries from data storage application to cutting tools, molds, mobile accessories and many more. Whether it is in performance or cosmetics, the quality of the products and production costs has been significantly reduced through our technology.

We are gaining huge momentum in the Mainland Chinese market.Our coating technologies has achieved ground breaking results across a variety of industries and their corresponding applications.

“Nanofilm: A continuous and innovative spirit”

FCVA is the Nanofilm’s core technology.It is our own unique and patented technology from which many advantages such as high hardness,excellent adhesion and low coating temperature improves quality and set new standard for each of our participating industries and applications. FCVA technology was first applied in HDD application and after years of growth, Nanofilm has taken up more than 70% of total shares in vacuum coating and services.

MICCTM coating and TAC-ONTM has also become dominant players in the vacuum coating industry due to many of its advantages from being resistant to corrosion to having low friction co-efficiency. We believe that through continuous teamwork, we are able to achieve more success in the future.

Since the establishment of Nanofilm, our company has gained over 50 patents on FCVA and applications along with countless honors and rewards. Some examples are Excellence Engineering Award in ASEAN in 1997, Singapore National Technology Award in 2000, Singapore Innovation Award in 2001, Deloitte & Touche’s 2002 “Asia Fast Growth 250” Award, Singapore SME Top 50 in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. Such achievements is a form of recognition of our continuous innovation and efforts. This only motivates us to further maintain and refine our core competencies and that Nanofilm spirit: Innovation and Quality driven by Excellence.