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2017 New Year Speech from our Chairman

In 2016, Nanofilm faced enormous pressure on production due to the relocation of the new Shanghai factory.

From installation of all the facilities to further expansions, the company saw more than 15 sets of PVD and TAC coating machines being installed and relocated onto the production floor.

From production line to cleaning line to automation,the company faced multiple arduous challenges over the past year due to such expansion and integration.

The company wish to thank our staff and departments for their support and efforts. Without cooperation and action, it would not have been completed.

In 2016, we witnessed the formation of our SAP system. This only improves our management structure and methodology. In addition,our QA Department has been upgraded so our QA staff are equipped with more technical knowledge which will only strengthen quality control and mindset.  

2017 is a year of opportunity and a year of hope!


Thank you everyone for your hardwork and let us continue to make 2017 even better!

Dr Shi

Chairman of Nanofilm