Company’s Platform Technology-Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA)

With our internationally patented Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) technology, coating species are 100% ionized plasma and intrinsically energetic. The energetic plasma can be directionally controlled with a electromagnetic scanning mechanism by FCVA technology.
As compared to conventional PVD and CVD technologies, FCVA produces coating species with much higher and more uniform energy. Thus, in low temperature conditions, dense ultra-high hardness, superior adhesion films can be produced by FCVA method.
Therefore, FCVA addresses the problems of high temperature deposition faced by traditional coating technologies.

The FCVA technology advantages:

  • 100% pure plasma coating species with high and directional tunable energy
  • Dense, high hardness and good uniformity
  • Super adhesion
  • Room temperature deposition


FCVA coating source characteristics:

  • Pure ion plasma deposition technology
  • Ion plasma’s energy and direction are adjustable
  • Special cathode / anode design to ensure arc stability
  • Automatic target grinding design (graphite targets)
  • Room temperature deposition
  • Automatic control and user-friendly interface
  • Beam scanning by PC control
  • Real-time process monitoring
  • User-defined coating recipes
  • Data log for Parameters and Events
  • Dynamic real-time compensation mode


Coating SpeciesAtomsRadicalsIons
Peak Energy~0.1eV~1eV20 to 5000eV
Coating Pressure7E-1Pa1Pa1E-3Pa
Film Density (DLC Film)~2.2g/cm3~2.0g/cm3~3.4g/cm3
Coating UniformityNot AdjustableNot AdjustableAdjustable
Target MaterialSolidsGasesSolids
Deposition TemperatureHighHighRoom