Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon Coating (Premier DLC)

TAC-ON (Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon) thin film has a stable diamond structure containing up to 88% of Tetrahedral bonded sp3 carbon atoms. TAC-ON thin film possesses a lot of unique characteristics such as low temperature deposition, super high hardness, excellent adhesion strength with substrate, ultra low friction coefficient, very stable chemical property, high wear resistance and so on. FCVA coated special hydrogen-less diamond carbon thin film can significantly extend the life for various types of molds, tools and parts which will see a remarkable reduction in production cost and improvement in productivity.

Film PropertiesTAC-ONDLC
Diamond Content(%)~85~25
Wearing Rate(mm3/Nm)<1.0x10-8~8x10-8
Friction Coefficient~0.1~0.14
Coating Temperature(℃)<80~200
Working Temperature (02 <10ppm,℃)~800~500
Typical Thickness (nm)~1200~2000
Deposition Pressure (Torr)~10-5~10-2
Coating Species Energy(eV)~100<5

Advantages of TAC-ON

Main Applications

  • Hard Disk Drive (Head & Media) 
  • Cutting Tools                   
  • PCB Drill and Router                 
  • Precision Mold 
  • Vehicle Parts    
  • Wear and Tear Parts          
  • Sewing Machine Components
  • Surface Treatment